Sourtoe Saloon

We finally made if off the Dempster! Aside from running out of gas yesterday, no extra incidents and we were more than pleased to be driving on pavement again.
Out drive started off pretty bad because it rained all night making the roads ultra slippery. The weather and the roads got progressively better until we saw a peek of sun and then some great blue sky.

2011-08-11-Bikers gave up on this road.jpg2011-08-11-More rain ahead.jpgWe were so so dirty by the end but we opted to try the car wash in Dawson instead because the lady indicated it would be about 15 dollars at the gas station at the end of the road. I’m sure it’s a bit inflated. It turns out it was a good choice because we ended up hitting another gravel road between the junction and Dawson – Andrew was less than impressed at this display of irony.

2011-08-11-Poor visibility.jpg2011-08-11-Dodge.jpg2011-08-11-Gas cap detail.jpg2011-08-11-Firebus.jpg2011-08-11-Dirty back end.jpgSo while I’m glad we did it, and the scenery was great, I would not outright recommend the drive unless you are intent on seeing either the Arctic Circle or Inuvik, or both. Earlier in the season is also likely to be a bit better for animal sightings as they are migrating.

2011-08-11-We drove the Dempster highway!.jpgIn case you do want to do it, here’s what you’re up for:

  • Our total cost in gas: $369.04 at an average cost of $1.68/L
  • Our total distance: 1530 kms (to Inuvik and back to the Junction of Klondike and Dempster highways)
  • Time: Many many hours.. (15+ hours each way)
  • Animal sightings: 1 grizzly bear

Once we made it to Dawson we took care of the essentials: Wash the van, wash ourselves and eat. We chose a place which sources locally grown food and it was pretty good, although we paid a pretty penny for it. We felt it was like our little reward for all that driving.

2011-08-11-Entering Dawson City.jpg2011-08-11-Oh that's what she looks like!.jpg2011-08-11-Amost clean.jpg2011-08-10-Klondike Kate's.jpg2011-08-11-Arctic Char and FatKid burger (Cellphone snap).jpgIn the evening we found an art show in town so we wandered around trying to be sophisticated enough to understand some of it. I think the free snacks helped..

2011-08-11-Art Institute.jpg2011-08-11-Art.jpg2011-08-11-More art.jpg2011-08-11-Free food while looking at art.jpg2011-08-11-More free food.jpgSomewhere in the middle we popped into the downtown bar for a drink. The famed sourtoe cocktail – so named because a guy in 1975 known as Captain Dick wanted to give a way for the newcomers of the town to be invited into the sourdough club even if they weren’t staying for a full winter. He got the idea of a toe in an alcoholic drink because of the jar with a toe he found in his cabin. The sourtoe cocktail is in fact a shot of Yukon Jack (preffered) with a human petrified toe which has to touch your lips as you do the shot. I am told there are fines for swallowing the toe – hard to imagine anyone would want to do that but it seems to be a concern.

2011-08-11-Where it all went down.jpg2011-08-11-Selling us a cocktail for our sourtoe.jpg2011-08-11-mmmmm toe.jpg2011-08-11-toe play.jpg2011-08-11-Writing our certificates.jpgWe continued our tour around town finding all sorts of interesting things.

2011-08-11-Piano man.jpg2011-08-11-Callin you out.jpg2011-08-11-Gotta love small towns (Cellphone snap).jpg2011-08-11-Boardwalk.jpg2011-08-11-Dawson's town houses.jpg2011-08-11-Spoke dome.jpg2011-08-11-Andrew was roped into helping.jpg2011-08-11-Finding the gold.jpgEventually, we ended up in the local Casino and catching the midnight show of Gertie’s Girls. Pretty awesome.

2011-08-12-Playing the slots (Cellphone snap).jpg2011-08-12-Gerties girls (Cellphone snap).jpg