Slow Drive South

We left Soldotna this morning, staying in the Fred Meyers parking lot after arriving in the dark last night. They seem to really encourage overnight parking, it’s practically a campsite. We left early and made it to after a slow drive down the coast Homer.

I must say, generally the pull offs in Alaska have been a bit of a let down. From Fairbanks to here we’ve found that we’ve driven by what is supposed to be a picture-worthy stop. When we get there, there usually has been no view due to overgrown trees or because the pull off would have been better placed a mile back. It’s quite odd. This one lot we stopped at did have some view and even mowed grass all the way to the water but the lot was for sale – in a couple years I’m sure a house will be enjoying the view instead. As a resutl, we have stopped pulling over most times, opting instead for a bit of an adventure off the road to a potential beach road. We know Alaska has plenty of views, you just need to go find them.

Along our way, we stopped in practically every town trying to get a view of a beach. Sometimes we were successful.

2011-08-22-Andrew frolicking in the grandure.jpg2011-08-22-View of Cook Inlet.jpg2011-08-22-Sucessfull 3 skip stone.jpgSometimes we weren’t.

2011-08-22-Bunny.jpg2011-08-22-I wasn't aware you could FedEx fish.jpgThe other thing we’ve noticed is that there are so many signs just shot to heck. the moment we crossed the boarder it was evident. We’ve seen these all over the place. Seems to be a good past time.

2011-08-22-They take litter seriously.jpgHomer itself was in a bit of a fog. We drove around the town on a sleepy Sunday trying to locate some viable wifi for work tomorrow. We’re not quite sure what we’re doing here yet but absolutely everyone we’ve spoken to has suggested Homer. We’re here to see what the fuss is about but it’s hard to see much. We did find a chicken and an eagle though.

2011-08-22-Chicken in the street.jpg2011-08-22-Our first Eagle spotting.jpgThe only thing we know about Homer is, they are pretty strict on the free overnight parking deal. Campsites in the area range from $15/night to just park on the beach to $81 to park on the beach with wifi, TV, full hook up, showers, laundry and someone available to make you coffee at 2am.

2011-08-22-Seventy plus dollars per night on the Homer spit.jpgOur needs at the moment are pretty basic – we just want somewhere with reasonable wifi and maybe a shower, but it seems that even that is going to cost at least $25. This is fine for one night but won’t likely be sustainable if we stay here for several nights. Looks like we’re going to have to get creative if we hope to stay anywhere for cheap and meet our needs. At the base of the spit there is Mariner Park which offers no amenities but lets you stay right on the beach for $15/RV (or $8/tent).