Pullin Wrenches

2011-08-04-Sunrise in Whitehorse.jpg2011-08-04-Yukon morning.jpgWe kickstarted our day off early today and had a full day of work (in a pub mind you since the wi-fi was plentiful).

2011-08-04-Another day at the office (Cellphone snap).jpgOur plan for this afternoon was to get a bit done on the van. This extended daylight is something we’ve come to rely on to get more accomplished in a day.

2011-08-04-One of these is not the same.jpgAndrew went to work on the generator as it gave us a bit of a fuss recently. It’s time to do some maintenance on that too. Oil change, Oil filter, clean up the spark plug etc.

2011-08-04-Teamwork.jpgI did an oil change on the van which was standard, no surprises. Hopefully it helps resolve some of the knocking we’ve heard in the last 100 kms. While it was only slightly overdue, she starts to get demanding if you leave it too long.

2011-08-04-Repair time.jpgOur good friend in Whitehorse has also graciously helped us do some checking to the van and troubleshooting with us about this occasional power-loss issue we’ve been experiencing. We came to the conclusion that it was probably partially excess transmission fluid which was aerating and not doing its job properly.

The solution was to replace the transmission gasket and filter and ensuring levels are back in the normal ranges. An incredibly messy, but relatively simple job we’ve now discovered. The pan just needs to be removed, cleaned and new gasket applied while changing out the thin sponge like filter. Re-attach, add new fluid, and voila.

2011-08-04-Removing the transmission pan.jpg2011-08-04-Helping out.jpg2011-08-04-Ready to change the filter.jpg2011-08-04-Adding new fluid.jpgWe also figured we likely have a bit of an oil leak from our valve covers, so it’s probably time to replace those 35 year old cork gaskets too. The light faded faster than we’d hoped so we’re planning on doing that, as well as a fuel filter change, and some fluid level checks, tomorrow.