Klondike Cuffs Aug12


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Klondike Cuffs

This weekend is a really big one in Dawson – it’s Discovery Days which signifies the date of the big gold discovery here in August 1896.

2011-08-12-Dawson City.jpgAs part of the festivities there are lots of free programs to check out. In the afternoon we decided to stop in on a talk about herbal tea making which showed you which wild plants can be used to make tea. We also got to try several teas and some natural biscuits while the host passed on her knowledge of the available plants of the region and their properties. Her philosophy was that eating one wild plant or fruit per day will help keep you wild. Neat.

2011-08-12-Dried berries.jpg2011-08-12-Tea ingredients.jpg2011-08-12-Dried juniper berries.jpg2011-08-12-Drying rack.jpg2011-08-12-Brewed tea.jpg2011-08-12-Fireweed.jpg2011-08-12-Tasty tea.jpg2011-08-12-Lookin for trouble.jpgThe afternoon however was even more interesting – Andrew got arrested.

2011-08-12-The law always catches up with you.jpgWell, kinda.

We went on a Macabre Mystery walk set in 1902 which lead us around the town trying to solve one of the most notorious murders in Dawson.

2011-08-12-Mountie Patrol.jpg2011-08-12-British Bank of North America.jpg2011-08-12-Inside the Teller's domain.jpg2011-08-12-Post Office.jpg2011-08-12-Law and order.jpg2011-08-12-Mary's Rooms.jpg2011-08-12-Red Feather Saloon.jpg2011-08-12-Last sip of whiskey.jpg 2011-08-12-Diamond Tooth Gerties.jpg2011-08-12-The green mile.jpg2011-08-12-Handing out punishement for the crime.jpgIt was nice way to tour the town and get to see inside some of the restored buildings from the early 1900’s and how they contrast to some of the original buildings of the era which have been left un-touched.