Hibernation Mode

We were trying to go on a tour today but the weather in Seward was rain for the absolute entire day. Since what we want to do is really weather dependant we are going to try again tomorrow. So, with a soggy forcast and no real plans, we pretty much went into hibernation mode after doing a trip through Seward.

We went to the grocery store, grabbed some necessities for dinner. While sitting in the parking lot, we were provided a bit of entertainment as we watched these two fellas (dressed practically the same – they had to have been brothers) try to waterproof their RV with duct tape and garbage bags. Quite brave though, I don’t think you’d catch me on top of an RV in the middle of a rain storm.

2011-08-20-Throw me that plastic bag so I can weather proof this beast will ya.jpg2011-08-20-RV 101- How to get down with no ladder.jpgWe went to Exit Glacier to check it out. Though between the fog and the rain we weren’t really in the mood to hike the mile or so to the foot of another receding glacier.

2011-08-20-Exit Glacier.jpgInstead we just found a great free spot (Exit Glacier Special Use Area) to plonk ourselves for the afternoon. Lazy rainy days can be so good sometimes.

2011-08-20-Hibernation.jpg2011-08-20-Salad and Pasta - mmm.jpg