Grease Monkeying Around

We plan on hitting the road tomorrow but there were a few more things to do on the van before we head out. On the agenda this afternoon: The valve cover gaskets which seem to be the cause of a bit of oil leak and the fuel filter. Andrew and I took the divide and conquer approach.

I worked on the fuel filter and aside from some stubborn hose clamps the change went fairly smoothly. Once the engine cooled I got to work removing the old clamps and filter.

2011-08-05-Cracking the old clips off.jpgA bit of brute force was required but the clamps eventually came free on one end, followed by the filter, and a bit more finessing for the last bit of hose.

2011-08-05-Filter removal.jpgOnly a small amount of gas was lost in the process, most of it actually from the filter itself. Once it was all off I cleaned all the two fuel line ends to prepare for the new filter. I had put the new filter and hoses together earlier with all the clamps in place.

2011-08-05-New fuel filter.jpgWe opted not to re-use any of the old hose to ensure we could rely on the part not to fail. A bit of spray lubricant to help the rubber hose onto the fuel lines and a check to ensure the filter arrow was pointed towards the engine, and it was cake.

2011-08-05-New filter installed with new clips and hose.jpg2011-08-05-Success.jpgWhile I was tackling that, Andrew started on the valve covers. The premise is fairly straightforward – remove the covers,

2011-08-05-Naked engine (note the alternator in the background).jpg2011-08-05-Ready for a new gasket.jpgscrape off the old disintegrated cork gasket,

2011-08-05-Cleaning and removing old cork.jpgclean it all and lightly sand, put on a new (rubber) gasket with small amount of heat resistant (red) silicone on either side,

2011-08-05-Applying the heat resistant silicone.jpgand put back together.

2011-08-05-New gasket on and ready for re-install.jpgIn the process, we cleaned all the surrounding areas so that any future leaks would be obvious if they were still existing. The theory is simple but we still took longer than expected running into tricky bolts, tight areas and taking extra time cleaning the very greasy engine.

Unfortunately we were also fighting the clock because despite the amount of daylight we sill we had, we also wanted to grab some showers before heading into town for a bit of a night out. We thought the showers closed at 9pm so we hustled over there with 5 minutes to spare ready to beg for showers with our completely filthy grease monkey appearances. Turns out they close at 10pm on a Friday so no begging was needed.

Feeling like new we went back into the city to check out the night life. Our friend was tending bar and we had a really great time – The Whitehorse hospitality has been fantastic.