Get’r Done

Today was all about getting stuff done – we had a mound of laundry to do, a ton of groceries to eat, and some van projects to work on.
Since we were at a campsite laundry was not a big problem it was just plain convenient.
2011-08-16-Laundry day.jpgWhen we’re at a campsite it also tends to mean we eat really well because it’s much easier to cook when you’re not always on the go.

2011-08-16-Loaded scrambled eggs.jpgVan projects also were checked off in good pace. We checked our fluids and removed some of the caked on mud all over the underside. (Thank goodness for showers because we were both pretty dirty by the end)

2011-08-16-Checking the power steering fluid.jpg2011-08-16-Dirty fuel filter.jpg2011-08-16-Underside.jpgSince we cleaned off the whole engine after our last maintenance we were able to see if there were still oil leaks.

2011-08-16-Dirty engine.jpgThrough all the dirt and dust we were still able to tell that our previous job on the drivers side gasket hadn’t quite held up. It seems the bolts on the valve cover gasket were a little too tight and forced the gasket out on the one corner. There also seems to be a leak from the oil filler cap (shown above) which would need its own gasket or washer. Both are not a huge deal, and we’re learning as we go. It would be nice though to stop loosing small amounts of oil as we drive. Without the parts on hand, we just cleaned everything up again and it will have to wait until we’re back in a major town.

2011-08-16-As clean as it gets.jpg