Exploring Dawson

Our plan is to hit the road today but there’s a few more things going on around Dawson that we want to check out.

2011-08-13-Dawson, YT.jpgEarly this morning we did another walking tour put on by Parks Canada called ‘Strange things done under the Midnight sun’. It was really great – lots of interesting history there. We did go around to the same restored buildings but the stories they told were different which kept things fresh.

2011-08-13-Miner and guide.jpg2011-08-13-Weighing gold dust.jpg2011-08-13-Liquor.jpg2011-08-13-Deed to one inch of Yukon land.jpg2011-08-13-Packages for departure.jpg2011-08-13-Dog plus milk.jpgAfter our tour we wandered over to the Discovery Days Parade festivities. It was a cute little 20-30 minute parade with the theme of how Dawson was discovered. Throughout the procession there was candy being thrown out to the kids kinda like Mardi Gras but on a much smaller scale.

2011-08-13-Parade start vehicle.jpg2011-08-13-Marching band.jpg2011-08-13-Mining town.jpg2011-08-13-Mustache's of Dawson.jpg2011-08-13-Not so impressed.jpg2011-08-13-Dawson ladies.jpg2011-08-13-Biker gang.jpg2011-08-13-Buckets of fun.jpg2011-08-13-Jacked up.jpg2011-08-13-Mounted Police.jpg2011-08-13-RCMP.jpg2011-08-13-Yeh haw.jpg2011-08-13-Smokey.jpg2011-08-13-Stilted.jpg2011-08-13-Silly boys trucks are for girls.jpg2011-08-13-RIP here lies an old logger dead as you please not from the whiskey but from hugging trees.jpg2011-08-13-A boy's truck.jpg2011-08-13-Giant beaver.jpgWe took a trip out of town to check out a massive gold digging Dredge named Dredge No. 4. In operation from 1899 to 1966 it is the largest wooden hulled dredge in North America. It is pretty big, but the thing I took for granted was how all the pieces were brought together when it was built back before roads or rail ever came to the area. Crazy to think about.

2011-08-13-Trummel (i.e. giant washing machine).jpg2011-08-13-To filter out the debris from the gold.jpg2011-08-13-Gold area.jpg2011-08-13-Yukon Gold.jpg2011-08-13-Gears.jpg2011-08-13-Dredge controls.jpg2011-08-13-Connected to the control room.jpg2011-08-13-In the control room.jpg2011-08-13-Big gears.jpg2011-08-13-Fargo.jpg2011-08-13-Claim 33.jpg2011-08-13-Beaver.jpgAfter that we hit the road – a quick (free) ferry and we were on our way out of Dawson and towards the Top of the World Highway leading directly to Alaska. It really was an amazing drive.

2011-08-13-A great drive.jpg2011-08-13-The road to Alaska.jpg2011-08-13-Raining up ahead.jpgOn the advice of the info centre lady we pulled over for some blueberry picking (her directions were spot on). Unfortunately we got there just as it started to rain. We stayed out for as long as we could stand it, Andrew lasting longer in the cold/wet than me.

2011-08-13-Soaking.jpg2011-08-13-Trees.jpg2011-08-13-In the rain.jpg2011-08-13-Blueberries.jpg2011-08-13-Berry picking!.jpgWe found out before leaving (again from the helpful info lady) that the boarder crossing to Alaska, right at the highest point of the highway, was only open until 7pm. Since we only left Dawson around 6pm we just planned to find a spot to sleep along the way. It really was an amazing scene. We took a little rugged dirt road into nowhere and camped just 5 kms away from the border and even saw some caribou along the way. It was just perfect.

2011-08-13-Dramatic sky.jpg2011-08-13-Finding our spot for the night.jpg2011-08-13-Caribou.jpg2011-08-13-Sleeping on top of the world.jpg