End of the Road

We went to explore the rest of the peninsula today on a road which follows Kachemak Bay until it just ends. As we drove, we found the views got better the further out you got. We had three or four glaciers in sight for part of the way.

2011-08-25-Valley.jpg2011-08-25-Igloo.jpg2011-08-25-Travelling to the end of the road.jpg2011-08-25-Three glaciers.jpgAs we drove we found several small communities which seemed to be quite specialized. It seems they spoke a different language and built their houses out of particle board, which I would imagine is rough in the winter.

2011-08-25-Particle board houses.jpgWe hit a steep point on one road which I opted to walk out to see before we proceeded. There road was switchbacked and hidden behind trees, the part I could see was very steep. There was no likely way we would make it back up so we skipped that, turned around and went to check out the other road.

2011-08-25-Road to the beach.jpgMaking it to the other side, we found the same story. So we just stopped right there, overlooking the bay, and cooked our dinner; some tasty rockfish from the market.

2011-08-25-Alaskan Rockfish and Salmon.jpgOn our drive back we were keeping an eye out for somewhere to park. Between the no trespassing signs, the private property filled with deteriorating cars and the ATV paths throughout, we would likely be in the way somewhere. In one spot we even found shotgun shells littering the whole area – message understood.

2011-08-25-the Discoverer.jpg2011-08-25-Every 10 feet.jpgWe eventually found a pull off outside of town to call it a night.

2011-08-25-The Homer Spit.jpg