Domestic and Wild

We left our friends this afternoon after a fantastic home-cooked lunch of halibut with a smoked salmon salad. We really have been eating very well lately. Both the food and the geniality have been truly Alaskan and absolutely phenomenal.

2011-08-19-Llama smile.jpg2011-08-19-Happy dog.jpg2011-08-19-More mountains to chase.jpgWe headed south – first reaching Anchorage. What can I say about Anchorage – It’s the biggest town and most people we’ve seen in a long while. It was bit of a shock to our system and the automatic instinct was to keep going as quick as possible. Before we did though there were some things we needed to tend to. After a visit to the auto parts store, the local brewery and a gas station and we were ready to go again.

2011-08-19-Sure thing.jpgOn our way out we were directed to the local Harley shop for a camping opportunity which we checked out – it was nice to see they provide a spot for motorcyclists to camp in the city.

2011-08-19-Free camping.jpg2011-08-19-Bear sculpture.jpgAlong the Seward Highway near the just before the Girdwood exit, Andrew spotted something breaching the water. We pulled over and watched for a while and discovered a several beluga whales just swimming along. We’ve never really seen whales before, the closest we got was a couple dolphins off in the distance when we were in Florida and I was super excited then. Seeing this however, was a pretty amazing sight.

2011-08-19-Alaska train.jpg2011-08-19-Beluga.jpg2011-08-19-Breaching.jpgBefore it got completely dark we found ourselves about 30 kms north of Seward at a trail head parking lot and called it a night.