Chasing Mountains

We left Nenana today and are back on the road. Before leaving though, we checked out their Cultural Center on the outskirts of town. Three other tour busses had the same idea so the place was pretty jammed. It was cool though, there was some animal hides, local art and some displays of the culture of the local peoples.

2011-08-17-Moose line up.jpg2011-08-17-Wood carving.jpg2011-08-17-Eagle horn.jpg2011-08-17-We like 70's technology.jpg Heading south again, we were looking at the mountains for most of the drive, occasionally pulling over to let the large convoy of RV’s, that we had gotten in the middle of, pass.

2011-08-17-Alaska Range Mountains.jpgAlong the way we had to make a few adjustments to our charging system because we think our alternator is having an issue charging. The noise sounds like the belt might be slipping but it goes away under load (i.e. when using lights or heater). It’s another we plan to look into when we find an auto-parts store. The current alternator is on warranty because we changed it out back in February so we’re not too concerned.

2011-08-17-Minor battery fix.jpg We made it to Denali National Park, beating out the weather (just slightly) for a drive along to Savage River.

2011-08-17-Denali National Park.jpg2011-08-17-Long road.jpg2011-08-17-Rain.jpg2011-08-17-Mountains.jpg2011-08-17-Driving in Denali.jpg2011-08-17-Scoping out the animals.jpg2011-08-17-Moose.jpg2011-08-17-Spot the person.jpg2011-08-17-Denali Park.jpg2011-08-17-Fantastic.jpgJust outside of the park it is an absolute zoo filled with tour buses, overpriced restaurants, and a gas station which charged us 25 cents a litre more than what we’ve been paying lately. Which, by the way is still a lot cheaper than our recent $1.40 averages in Canada. Paying just a dollar a litre for gas is something we’ll happily get used to. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough left in the tank to make it to the next town so we just sucked it up and filled up.

2011-08-17-Endless tourist trap.jpg2011-08-17-Busses everywhere.jpgWe did continue down Alaskan Highway 3 and the views got better before the fog and dusk completely enveloped all visible scenery. Looks like we’re in for another rainy night.

2011-08-17-Pretty scene.jpg2011-08-17-Along Highway 3.jpg