All East From Here

Andrew to me: “Do you think seagulls are the Eagulls of the sea?”. Just one of those moments that makes you laugh.

We said good-bye to Homer today after sleeping in this morning.

2011-08-27-Homer Spit.jpg2011-08-27-View.jpgWe were on a trek this morning with a goal to find an Eagle to take photos of. Despite the fact that Homer is supposed to be THE place to see eagles, we’ve only spotted about 5 total and haven’t succeeded in capturing a shot in which the eagle is not 100 feet away and blurry. So we made the drive back up the coast slowly. We stopped at Anchor Point – which has an eagle on their welcome board. A good sign, no doubt. The info centre directed us to the beach access road where we drove onto the beach in hopes of finding some fisherman gutting fish and inadvertently attracting eagles. We asked a couple folks who said they hadn’t seen any eagles but they did see some Orcas in the water. We decided to build a little fire and enjoy the sunshine for a while.

2011-08-27-Anchor Point Beach.jpg2011-08-27-Beach drive.jpg2011-08-27-ATV.jpg2011-08-27-Fire building.jpg2011-08-27-Enjoying the mid afternoon campfire by the water.jpgAfter hanging out for a while we were un successful in spotting either an Orca or an Eagle. We chased down a fishing boat and they indicated they would be cleaning the fish back at the ‘Lodge’. So with no luck, we packed it in. We also have officially driven as far west as we possibly could, Anchor Point’s claim to fame being the farthest point to which you can drive westbound on a main road. Pretty cool – now we’ve been the farthest south (Keys), West (Anchor Point) and almost farthest north (Inuvik). All thats missing is Newfoundland to go as far East as we can.

2011-08-27-Boat launch.jpg2011-08-27-Anchor Point Alaska - Most Westerly Highway Point.jpgWe continued our search for Eagles but the further you go from Homer the less your chances seem to get. When the sun peaked its head out we raced to go find an opportunity to enjoy it. Our eagle search turned into a sunshine search and we ended up on some other beaches and overlooks before making it to Soldotna.

2011-08-27-Beach two.jpg2011-08-27-Art or something.jpg2011-08-27-Clean shot.jpg2011-08-27-Old beach home.jpg2011-08-27-Sunshine.jpg2011-08-27-Fun on the beach.jpg2011-08-27-Puddle hop.jpg2011-08-27-Overlook.jpg2011-08-27-Moose.jpgEventually we made it to Soldotna where we found a Laundromat and got some washing done. While we were waiting Andrew made the most fabulous meal with our Salmon steak we got at the market – it was really tasty. Tomorrow we have something fun planned once we were all done our laundry around 10:30 we pretty much called it a night.