Wild Alaskan Highway

Today was a whole day of driving along the Alaskan Highway – we didn’t do much other than drive, eat, fill up, and see tons of animals.

We also made a quick stop into the Laird Hot Springs which has by far the hottest we’ve been in. It is also a natural setting instead of a pool which was nice. The only downside was the fact that they offered no showers (and we unfortunately didn’t get a picture).

After a quick stop at the hot springs we grabbed some gas for $1.86/L (!!) and kept moving. From this point spotting animals was probably the highlight of the day, it certainly kept us entertained as we drove. Eventually we stopped pulling over or pictures because we realised we would never get anywhere if we kept it up. (Note: I will warn that when it comes to one certain moose, the pictures are a bit graphic).

Today we saw:
1 odd sign,

2011-07-30-Guess the animal...jpg 15 Bighorn Sheep,

2011-07-30-Sheep eating dirt?.jpg2011-07-30-Mama & baby bighorn.jpg 5 Caribou,

2011-07-30-Elk or Caribou?.jpg2011-07-30-Caribou!.jpg2011-07-30-More Woodland Caribou.jpg6 Black bears,

2011-07-30-Bear eating berries.jpg 35-50 Wood Bison,

2011-07-30-Wood Bison.jpg2011-07-30-Mama with baby nearby.jpg2011-07-30-Stoic and beautiful.jpg 2 moose (+ 1 graphic roadkill)

2011-07-30-Standing tall and proud.jpg2011-07-30-Don't mess with the bear.jpg2011-07-30-Mmm dinner.jpgCrossing the border into the Yukon at Mile 585 of the highway was also another milestone for today.

2011-07-30-The Yukon!.jpgThe road teased us a bit as we wen’t back to BC and back to Yukon but it eventually put us straight into Watson Lake and the famous Sign Post Forest. This place is pretty cool – starting back in 1942 when a homesick soldier posted a sign to his hometown in Danville, IL. Today, there are around 60 000 signs made from all sorts of interesting things,

2011-07-30-Leaves of plenty in the Sign Post forest.jpg2011-07-30-The tent that was.jpg2011-07-30-The guitar (that was).jpg2011-07-30-The laptop screen.jpg2011-07-30-How do you possibly stand out in this ?.jpg2011-07-30-Endless forest.jpg2011-07-30-Do you just take the plate off your car ?.jpgWe decided to add our own to commemorate our journey so far.

2011-07-30-Impromptu sign making.jpg2011-07-30-Our sign ready to go!.jpg2011-07-30-Hammer not included.jpg2011-07-30-An epic journey indeed.jpgWe spent ages trying to find a spot to mount our sign. Obviously the most available spots were really high up or down low. A passer by aptly mentioned that low down would likely be affected by snow in the winter – leaving us with whatever we could reach with me on Andrew’s shoulders. Despite some obviously newly installed posts there were still few reachable options. We ultimately decided to post our sign on the back of the main sign – a little cheeky, I know. Though mounting the sign was involved an extremely comedic series of events involving me perched atop Andrew’s shoulders and a necessary break for a laughing fit. We are lucky we got anywhere.

2011-07-31-Our sign mounted after much effort and consideration.jpg2011-07-31-Can you find our sign?.jpg2011-07-31-The never setting sun finally sliding away.jpgAs the sun was setting we left Watson Lake and drove just until it was dusk.

Straight to bed for both of us – it’s been another exhausting day.