The deal Jul23


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The deal

It has been quite a trip so far and I love to be able to share it with everyone.

I am sorry we are so behind – I realise you all probably want to know our most recent adventures but as you can imagine we both have a lot on our plate and sometimes the site can be pretty intense to keep up with it. The pictures alone are a fair bit of work – for every picture you see we have an additional 4-8 shots that you don’t see. To date we’ve taken roughly 20,000 photos and while not all of them are keepers, we still need to look through them all!

Since the posts are already written we will still continue to post back articles as we go along, but we will also be posting our most recent adventures (to the best of our ability). So please bear with us.

To get you up to speed we’ve been travelling across Canada this summer which was our original plan before it got cold and we went south. Please join us and check back for our past and future adventures – and as always we love to hear what you think!