Roll-over Firebus!

Waking up this morning was pretty tough – we’ve had a few long days of driving recently (and it’s starting to wear on us).

2011-07-31-Accomodation for the night(Cellphone snap).jpgWe knew today was going to be special though. The van’s odometer is headed for the zero for the first time. Although we were hoping to actually BE somewhere when it zeroed out, we happened to end up between Watson Lake and Whitehorse instead.

2011-07-31-We are at zero.jpg

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful – we did finally make it to Whitehorse.

2011-07-31-Welcome to Whitehorse.jpg2011-07-31-Learn about the salmon.jpgFinally! A city. We found some wi-fi and got some work done, did our laundry, and met with some old and new friends to enjoy our evening.

2011-07-31-Town of Whitehorse.jpg