Makin’ miles

Today the objective was to make it to Dawson Creek – We didn’t really make it all that far yesterday and so we wanted to get some miles behind us. Hinton was a good stop-over despite the fact we didn’t originally intend on stopping there last night.

We made a quick detour at the bottle depot thinking we could recycle our six pack before continuing on. Back home this is a simple task and you get your 10 cent deposit back on the bottles. Here however, we quickly found out this is big business. Since they pay you for cans, bottles, plastic and everything recyclable except cardboard, people show up with car-loads full of hoarded recyclables and line up in their idling cars for 20 minutes waiting for their turn to recycle (seems counter productive to me).

2011-07-28-Recycling is serious around here(Cellphone snap).jpgWe have never seen anything like this. Unfortunately we didn’t realise how intense it was until we were stuck in the line and couldn’t get out. The first chance we got though we passed our empty six pack and water jug to the person in front of us (who laughed at us for even trying to wait) and we high-tailed it out of there. Shortly afterwards we were finally on the on the path to Alaska!
2011-07-28-Route to Alaska, here we come!.jpgOur drive today was not all that exciting – we found some new roads being built to get past some of the mountainous areas.

2011-07-28-building new roads.jpgWhere it was more flat, the trees were clear cut in a path allowing for one long straight stretches of endless double highway with a couple of curves thrown in for good measure. The drive took us through a town called Grand Prairie which actually did remind us of Saskatchewan. And in Beaverlodge, AB of all places, we found a giant beaver which helped break up the monotony.

2011-07-28-Giant beaver.jpgLater, we crossed the BC border (again).

2011-07-30-Welcome to BC.jpgDriving further into the setting sun. I know we’ve exhausted the pictures of them lately but the sunsets here have been really awesome.

2011-07-29-Spectacular Sunsets.jpgJust as it became fully dark we made it to Dawson Creek, where we found a Walmart to call it a night.