So we’re doing a fair bit of driving today. We’re definitely on the northern route – seeing more Ontario plates in a day than we have all trip. We opted to hug the coast but stick to major roadways which means we hit a couple toll roads.

Unfortunately we’ve found that the cost on a road is sometimes a complete secret until you arrive at the booth.

Would it kill you even to tell us that a toll road is coming up and this is how much it will cost?  I can’t say it’s always a mystery, sometimes there are signs, but it’s not the first time we’ve been caught entering a toll road and not even knowing how much change to have ready, or if we’ll even have enough.

I think Canada only has 2 toll roads and One of them is fully electronic. A fact we’re starting to appreciate more and more, this stopping every 5 miles is annoying.

Near the end of our day we visited the Weeki Wachee Springs Park, home of the famous Undersea Theater.

The show itself was a pretty interesting version of The Little Mermaid.

All of the play takes place in a spring – no heated water.  A cool 72 degrees in the winter – these are brave souls!

We drove back through Homossassa Springs again today – it was pretty cool, if we didn’t have to continue driving we might have been tempted to stop in our little hammock spot from last month. We grabbed a late lunch from the burger joint down the road we liked and continued on our way.


Port Charlotte, FL to Perry, FL

Today’s track – 305 miles | 491 kms
Tomorrow’s plan – keep going!