Mardi madness

So you have to do it once in life but it is definitely madness.

We’re still on Florida time so we were up especially early in the morning. Parades started at 8 we were wandering down St. Charles avenue at around 7:30am. Some people had definitely been there for hours and had their whole kitchen spread set up on the sidewalk – a feast to last for the whole day for the whole family.

The parades today were large, elaborate and really fun. We stayed for Zulu and Rex and part of Elk. Our aim today was to not catch beads (unless it was for our own safety to prevent them from hurling into our heads). We only wanted to exert the effort to catch some of the unique throws like the coveted decorated Zulu coconut for example. Its a marathon, not a sprint and it goes so we wanted to save our energy. Plus we have more than enough beads as it is.

We opted to leave our valuables safely locked away on the recommendation of several Mardi-veterans.

You can see the folks who really get into it.

People doing anything for the coveted coconuts..Elaborate floats everywhere.

Great dancers.

And beads everywhere.. By about 3pm we were exhausted. We went out for dinner with a couple of van new friends we met – finding anything open during Mardi Gras is a bit of a challenge. We had a great evening chatting about our day and trading stories about our travels – certainly nice to meet some veteran travellers.

Afterward we headed over to Burbon Street to experience the madness. So many drunken people everywhere and what they wouldn’t give for a couple beads. I’m sure the locals really have a good time messing with these folks – taunting them with beads and seeing how far they’ll go.

A great day – we were exhausted by the end, walking back to the van and pretty much passing out upon impact with the pillow.