Loony Lundi

Driving the final stretch today we made it to New Orleans just in time. We quickly discovered the roads here are awful and the van was being bounced around like mad. We’ve been hearing a distinct a scraping sound whenever we hit a really hard bump which makes us concerned it’s our shocks. Something to put on the list.

As we were going over one of these incredible waves of pavement we heard something crash in the back. Since we were close to the city and everything important is pretty secure we just continued to drive the extra 10 minutes without checking what exactly it was. Getting into the downtown parking lot we opened the back door to find a flood of milk pour out.

It seems the sound we heard was our fridge popping open and the milk slamming to the ground. It was a full carton, opened just this morning, and all the additional driving means it went EVERYWHERE. So much for being on time. We spent a solid half hour cleaning up. The only good part was that it was not actually dairy milk, it was almond milk so we don’t have to be worried too much about it souring. The carpet though, is toast.

Once we finally cleaned everything we headed out to the Lundi Gras Parade. People were everywhere but it still wasn’t as busy as I would have expected. We thought we were late but remembered again that we had crossed a time zone earlier, giving us an extra hour – excellent! We were still early.

We went all-out with the bead catching, by the time the parades finished our backs were throbbing because of all the weight around our neck. These beads are HEAVY!

Slidell, LA to Downtown New Orleans, LA

Today’s track – 35 miles | 56 kms
Tomorrow’s plan – see the real Mardi Gras