Bead Town

Sleeping in the city can be tricky sometimes you can’t always pick your perfect spot. Last night we with an intense lean, so much so it was almost feels like Dr. Seuss with everything slightly off kilter. Even lying in bed was uncomfortable because you’re fighting gravity a bit.We had a bit of an easy day today, just hanging out and recovering from yesterday’s excitement. Wandering around the city today and it looks pretty cool all decorated for Mardi Gras. The most surprising thing is how clean things are once again (aside from the beads). The mess along after the parade route was intense but since everything shuts down at 12 am, they are quite efficient at running a street sweeper down and have the road clean in no time.

2011-03-09 Mardi Gras Tree.jpg2011-03-09 Beaded.jpg2011-03-09 Beads everywhere.jpg2011-03-09 - Street level.jpgWe also went back to the coffee shop we visited yesterday and got a bit done. The owner’s son was quite inquisitive about what we were up to so we showed him some of the things we did at Disney World recently.

We may have unintentionally sparked his interest a little too much because he was soon asking mom how old he would have to be before they went to Disney World. Whoops!