Suit up

Getting up this morning we thought we would venture out to see some space shuttles at the Kennedy Space Center – however we arrived before they opened.

We didn’t stick around for them to open and unfortunately there were no upcoming launches so we just decided to press on south.

We made it to Cocoa Beach, our first view of ocean since Daytona Beach.

And we found a little cafe to camp out in for a while to have some breakfast and get some work done.  A little bit later in the day we wandered over to the local surf shop which was having a sale on wet suits.  We decided try on a couple to see if we might want to pick one up.  We intend on doing lots more water related activities but the water is not exactly warm enough to stay in for any length of time. If you’ve ever tried on a wetsuit you’ll know it can be quite an ordeal.

Prior to today I had never put on a proper ‘fit you like a glove’ type wetsuit – the rental ones we’ve been in are usually well broken in.  For those not familiar, wet suits need to be as snug as possible to ensure they can do their job and keep you warm. This is dandy but it makes trying them on quite a challenge as these features start to work against you. The tigher the fit, the harder you have to struggle to squeak into it. The more insullation it has, the warmer you get while you’re in it.

The gentleman at the store told us we were brave for trying more than one on (in a sitting) but we were determined to find out if there were any suits that fit us. I quickly started to understand what he ment after trying on the second, and then the third. By the third (and last), we were both sweating and our pace was slowing more and more.

We were ultimately successful in our search so now we have some wet suits we’re eager to try out.  The only downside is drying these babies – it’s an all day process of drip-drying which is hard to do in the van so we’ll see how that goes.

Continuing on our drive, we wanted to get to Sebastian inlet tonight to camp but they were closing just as we arrived and would not accept us.  Instead we drove up the road and stayed at a boat launch


Titusville, FL to Wabasso Beach, FL

Today’s track – 125 kms | 78 miles
Tomorrow’s plan – continue down the Coastal route A1A south