Real Regatta

We got a chance to see, and show our support, at a Force 5 sailboat Regatta today. The weather was just perfect.

We learned that the Force 5 is the type of boat they all used for the race; it’s a small, light weight vessel which is easy to maneuver with one person.

The race itself is not that fun to watch since they are far out on the water and you have no idea who’s winning.

Watching them all launch and return though is quite a sight. Like very organized, well oiled machine-type, chaos.

During the race the meantime we hung out in the Club House and explored the marina.

As the day went on we found that many people we talked to were happy to explain one thing or another that we didn’t understand about racing, or sailing for that matter. They’re always happy to have new members to the sailing club class and always willing to teach them a thing or two. A really great group of people to spend the day with – we felt so fortunate to be welcomed.

Once everyone was in for the day they made the presentations for the winners. Captain B brought in a first place in his division which was awesome to see!

We helped people load up thier boats as they started to pack up to leave. Many had driven in just for the competition, some as far as snowy Ohio. It would be our last day in the Keys too, and it was a good one, although we don’t plan on making our way home just yet… at least not until it’s warmed up considerably!

We began our trip north stopping at the local joint, Alabama Jacks, for our first taste of Conch Fritters. It’s hard to describe the taste but these fritters but the meat comes from those pretty conch shells – once removed they can be tenderized, battered and fried. It was something akin to calamari, although it had a hint of sweetness. We ate dinner right on the water and watched the sunset before we headed onwards to Miami. We have grand plans tomorrow – we’re in a race of our own!

Upper Keys, FL to Miami, FL

Today’s track – 105 kms | 64 miles
Tomorrow’s plan – We’re off to the races!