Quirky A1A

I was feeling pretty sick today, I’m not quite sure what it was but it started with a headache last night and all I felt like doing was sleeping. So I did. Meanwhile, Andrew drove us south the whole way down the A1A highway (the eastern Florida coastal highway).

From what I saw, it was a pretty drive. Palm trees and beaches. What you think about, when you think Florida.

The weather couldn’t of been better, which means everyone wanted to be outside. In every major town, there were tons of people walking around the streets in bathing suits and bare feet. If they weren’t headed to thea beach they were out biking or driving their sports cars – just enjoying the weather.

(Sometimes, we saw a little more than we would have liked.)

Along our way we hit up Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale and ended up in Miami. The whole way, we fit right in with our little orange bus – we’re looking forward to some beach life.

While in Ft. Lauderdale we jumped out and got our toes wet at the beach.

We also got a glimpse of Spring Break in full swing – this picture says it all.

As we travelled south everything became more expensive – gas was the first victim.  Until now, the highest we had seen it in the low teens (i.e. $3.11- $3.15 per gallon). Now it’s $3.29.

Our frugal side got the better of us and we topped up with a little of our own reserve gas, in hopes the prices would come down a bit once we were out of the bigger city.

It didn’t.

By dark we ended up in a town called Hollywood where we found this quaint little restaurant called Le Tub. Hand drawn menus – who even does that anymore? pretty sweet.

Unfortunately for us, the parking lot attendant only mentioned the hour wait for food after we had parked our large van in an awkwardly small space. Our intention was only to really order french fries to hold our starvation over until we made it to where we wanted to stop for the night.  Even fries were on an hour wait list.  So we sucked it up and ordered a meal to make it worth the wait. We hung out in the cool ambiance of the place while I downed as much water as I could to help me feel better. By this point I was on the verge of either feeling better or feeling worse – I hadn’t really had much of an appetite all day, until now.

While we waited, we wandered around to see the water and wacky decor of the place.

As promised food arrived after an hour… Don’t be fooled by the small plates, this burger was huge.

We finished up and hit the road again – finally entering Miami.

A place where even the palm trees look good at night.

And of course entering Miami we found they were putting on a Yacht and boat show.  These were monsters built for billionaires.

After a load of traffic we ended up at a Walmart for the night.  Our neighbours for the night were travelling in this beauty. From billionaire boats to a budget bus.

Delray, FL to Miami, FL


Today’s track – 120 kms | 75 miles
Tomorrow’s plan – in Miami for the day