Pelican Mardi Gras

We woke up this morning and headed to the nearby lake called the ‘Manatee Pocket’ in hopes we would potentially find a good spot to use our wet suits.

What we found was Sandsprit Park which we was actually a large busy boat launch.  It was unlikely there would be any ‘safe’ (i.e. boat free) area we could snorkel in and try to spot some manatees so we just had a bit of a walk instead.

Right at the boat launch there were also some fisherman cleaning their catches.  We saw a huge group of bottom feeder pelicans hanging around in hopes they could catch, or even steal, a bit of the spare fish. They would really go after any last scrap. I don’t know if this strategy is really smart or really lazy – they barely have to do the work but they are not guaranteed to get anything – its almost like a pelican mardi gras.Once we were done watching pelicans and people and dogs interact we headed to get a bit of work done. We hung out for a couple hours and got what we needed to get done in Port Selarno and then continued our drive south to Juno Beach and then Delray. We called it a night in Delray and are looking at our final stretch south tomorrow. We’re Miami bound but are not planning on staying long, we have the Florida Keys in our sights.

Port Selarno, FL to Delray, FL

Today’s track – 100 kms | 60 miles
Tomorrow’s plan – See what we can of south Florida