Orlando day

A dog on a motorcycle – now I’ve seen it all!

Unfortunately it all happened too quickly to get a picture – but imagine if you will, a small dog standing with back paws on the seat just in front of the driver, front paws on fuel tank, and head between handle bars. crazy. I spotted this guy and his dog as they cruised past the laundromat we were at in Orlando this morning. We’ve been wanting to get some laundry done for the past few days as it has started to accumulate. The tipping point though, was the small pile of wet laundry that we created from yesterdays manatee experience.

Aside from the motorcycle riding dog, we’ve seen the extent of Orlando police cars – which seemed rather beefy,

we also spotted this licence plate (but not on the cop car),

And this fancy 2 story McDonalds, pegged as being the “most unique McDonalds in the world”.

Orlando seems like quite the interesting place so far. We’re planning on sticking around for a few days while we attend a conference in Disney World – who know’s maybe we’ll meet Mickey?