Loafers and bad luck Feb11


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Loafers and bad luck

We ended up in a mall today because Andrew wanted a new pair of shoes. So we sought out something for everyday use.

Options were limited given all the styles we liked had nothing larger than a size 8.

After a bit of modeling we ended up with this pair. I think they’re pretty swank – in a relaxed, Florida kinda way. Plus they’re not white, which is good because its not exactly easy to keep things clean on the road. (And they’ll go with our future sail boat *wink*)

Driving down the highway later on we found this little accident on the side of the road. When we first saw it, the car was practically under the bus. We pulled over to see if we could help a fellow RVer out. There was not much to be done, the guy said he was fine, the bus was fine, just the car was not.

He was towing his car and had to brake abruptly for traffic. The bar hitch he had was under-rated for the vehicle weight and it actually bent in half. The bar bent back on itself and left a nice quarter shaped hole in his hood – it also left some pretty severe front end damage. Talk about a bad day.