Learning to Sail

Today was a fabulous day. We headed to the local marina at Lake Monroe for a sailing lesson, which was a truly great time.

The weather was gorgeous and we spent the best part of the day out on the water. It’s funny though because sailing is it’s own language. It seems that when listening to a sentence about a boat, you can only recognize a word or two. Our instructor, Captain B, was excellent at helping us decipher the code. We learn’t a ton, and got a good feel for sailing as we spent most of the time at the helm.

It wasn’t too long before we were getting pretty confident.

It was a great feeling to be on the water and to catch a big gust of air that was strong enough to make you speed up and lean over (heel) slightly. We took the (lower) gauge to 30 degrees in our biggest heel of the day.

When we were back at the dock, Captain B was kind enough to give us a little tour of a few other boats.  They reminded me of the van, limited on space but everything is cleverly laid out.

Just inside the Marina we met this little guy – he’s a porcupine blowfish named Edgar. He payed really close attention to people and would follow your finger around the glass for ages.

We ended the day off at the waterfront. Maybe we’ll be sailors one day, who knows?  But for now we’re on land for a while longer, and we’ve crossed the first thing off of our list. We’re feel pretty good about it – learning to sail was definitely an amazing experience.


Sandford, FL to (Lake) Monroe Harbour Marina, FL to Orlando, FL

Today’s track – 60kms | 36 miles
Tomorrow’s plan – hanging out in Orlando