Knot Happening

John Pennekamp State Park gets some credit because some of the park is actually under the water. There is a whole beautiful coral reef and other sunken items which we were excited to get to explore – it was also the reason originally why we booked a night at this park in the first place. However, with the condition out on the water for the past few days I didn’t see this happening. Based on our experience the other day we just decided to save the cash. Snorkeling the other day was just not what we had hoped for, visibility was less than ideal and thats the most important thing for enjoying the vibrant colours of the wildlife down there. Although we do save some money by not renting equipment they still charge quite a bit just for the boat ride out there, so while it was disappointing not to go I think it was the right choice.

We checked out the museaum instead and saw some of the local underwater wildlife and learnt a bit about the different types of coral and fish.

Before leaving, we got to see a mini that tows a bus (well not really)…

With nothing else planned, we left to get caught up on some work as cell signal has been spotty in the parks. Although the Keys are not well known for free wifi we did find a Starbucks in Key Largo to hang out at for a while. Good old trusty corporations.

In the evening we met up with our sailing instructors Captain B and Captain DJ for dinner at the local Sailing club. They’re visiting the Keys for a sailboat regatta over the weekend and we were more than happy to stop by for a visit.

It was a fabulous evening spent chatting with new friends and trying Authentic Key Lime Pie for the first time..  We also finally learn’t some knots, which was a bonus. The bowline knot and the figure 8 were perfected over the course of the evening. As the group started thinning out it was time for us to start turning in for the night. We wanted to see some of the races tomorrow so they generously offered that we stay the night in the marina. We’re looking forward to tomorrow, it will be great to see the competitive aspect of sailing.