Generation of Sound Feb07


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Generation of Sound

Andrew and I have been wondering lately where all the good music has gone? Now I know this can be a hard question because everyone’s definition of good is different but seriously, is this generation really going to be known for Justin Bieber?  I’m sure there has to be one or two ‘real deal’s’ that can stand the test of time but none really spring to mind. (Now, I am talking more mainstream music here, the indy bands are usually always doing interesting things.)

It seems that the 70’s had so many good artists and bands that we still care about today. Like the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Elvis, KISS, Queen. The 80’s had Michael Jackson, Madonna. There were some in the 90’s, but even fewer and in this decade as it is hard to name any.

I’m not saying theres no good music now-a-days but in 20 years, will there be artists you still love to listen to? Even having odd cravings to hear their unique sound?

I’m no expert, and maybe I’m even slightly biased, but music just doesn’t seem as wholesome as it once was. There’s always going to be one hit wonders, and really great songs, but I have to wonder are there any real artists anymore?

When you driving as much as we do, good music is essential.


Since we’re talking music, I thought I would also share the themesongs we have acquired for this adventure of ours:

Every day (is a holiday) by William Bell

Free by Zach Brown Band