Animals with idenity crises

We pulled into a campsite at Wekiwa Springs State Park to enjoy some R&R time with some power, and showers and to do some other necessary house-keeping duties.

We happened across many animals in this forest, more than we’ve seen in other camps recently. Interestingly though, all the animals we saw seemed to be having some sort of an identity crisis.

There was a group of little birds – the kind that would clothe you if you were Cinderella. In the group there was one little bird in particular just walked. Normally when you see small birds on the ground they make big jumps or hops to get places. Not this one, he just walked – little legs and all. Shortly after that we noticed a squirrel who just hopped everywhere. Sometimes it was so exaggerated that he actually looked like a little rabbit. It was definitely a sight.

In general, all the animals seemed to care less that we were there. They weren’t really shy, in fact they would more than likely be happy to jump you at the sight of food. All the more reason people should obey the “don’t feed the animals” signs.