10 dollars

Last night we spent $10.60 on a large (really tasty) pizza with 6 toppings. This is somewhat unheard of in Canada as they would charge for each topping – and would run you around $17, or more – so we were certainly happy with this. So tonight, we were walking around Downtown Disney (after day one of the conference) and we were trying to see what else you could get for $10. Now we’re not naive, we know when you’re in Orlando, especially in Disney, you have to expect things are going to be expensive.

We were surprised to find you could still get a ticket to movie at the AMC right in Downtown Disney for $10.50. After that though, things started to get pricey. If you were to get a big popcorn and a drink it would likely run you at least another 7 dollars (though this is not just the case for Disney).

Wandering through the stores of Downtown Disney we quickly found that 10 dollars, the same $10 that could buy a whole pizza, didn’t stretch quite as far…

The ice cream store: 1 sundae cost the same as 3/4 of a pizza.

A store full of magnets: two fridge magnets = 1 pizza.

Vinylmation store: 1 little toy = 1 pizza.

Ridemakerz: make your own ride = 2 1/2 pizzas to start.

Souvenir store: a t-shirt with your favourite disney character OR a wizards hat = 3 pizzas.

Harley Davidson store: 1 leather jacket = 20-40 pizza’s. (Girl with a crown and tu-tu on a bike: priceless)

You get the idea – this all adds up rather quickly as you can imagine. After a day in Disney, especially if you eat a meal, you could easily spend 100 dollars for two (before even considering cost of admission to any of the parks – another $80-150/person).

So with this in mind we have decided to make it a bit of a mission for the next week to find some free/inexpensive things to do in Disney. The parking is at least free, so that’s a promising start.