Workin’ at the carwash

Today was carwash day! The van has needed a good wash for a while but after you rust-proof you’re not allowed to wash thoroughly for some time afterwards. We had rust-proofed just before we left to the USA and haven’t yet found a good hot day to wash her.

We don’t even think twice about the rust proofing anymore but when we were at the dealership the other day with the alternator issue, Jeff (the guy who helped us) commented on how we must have a bad oil leak. He was referring to the rust-proofing, which has covered everything under our our hood in a black type oil. I told him it was rust proofing and he must have thought we were nuts. Down here they have no need for rust-proofing, there’s no salt, ice, snow – their cars just don’t need it. Up in Canada though, you see rusted out cars all the time. We were lucky with the van though – it has been babied and rust-proofed regularly since it came off the production line.  Proof that it works, because she still looks great 36 years later.  Even the guys at the rust-proofing company were impressed with her condition. Who are we to mess with a good thing?

Anyway, back to the car wash. We went to the do-it-yourself place today and wanted to get rid of the perm-a-dirt and to get her properly clean. You’re welcome to use their foamy brush but I wouldn’t put that on a cars paint if you paid me.

So, out came the washing mit and soap.

Unfortunately though, we were taking far too long for the owner who came by and indicated that he was loosing business because of us. Apparently we were “detailing” and he did not approve.  I have to laugh because its not like we were sitting on lawn chairs taking up the bay, we were washing the van.  To me, this means soap + water + sponge/mit of some sort. To him this is detailing. What he didn’t seem to notice was that we were constantly putting money in his machine to get a rinse in after we were done each section. There was no way we could wash it in one go – it dried way to fast for that.  I would like to think that we were giving him an equal amount of business to the people with already clean cars who might roll in for a 3 minute car wash every 10 minutes. Nevertheless, we ‘rushed’ to get the last bit done. She definitely ended up cleaner then when we started.

When we were all done, we grabbed some groceries and headed to a nearby campground in Withlacoochee State Forest so we could get a good ‘people-wash’ and a good dinner.

The only downside of this camp, was that it required us to drive along a dusty road to get to it – the van was officially clean for 20 minutes.