The 2011 List

Our list of the crazy, or not-so-crazy things we want to try this coming year, should the opportunity arise…

  1. Go bungee jumping (and survive)
  2. Go sailing and learn all the fancy knots (or at least a really useful one)
  3. Go hangliding
  4. Learn how to surf (and actually catch a wave)
  5. Go dogsledding
  6. Ride in a helicopter or small plane
  7. See the Northern Lights
  8. Visit all 10 provinces in Canada (and as many Territories and US states as we can)
  9. Cross the Arctic Circle
  10. Sleep in the desert, the forest, the mountains and by the ocean
  11. Visit Mile Marker Zero in Newfoundland, British Columbia, Key West and Alaska
  12. Sleep in an Igloo or Quinzhee (that we’ve made)

Aside from all these adventurous activities, there are also some things we want to do things more often:

  • Volunteer more – at least once a month.
  • Learn more – expand our experiences and cultural knowledge.
  • Appreciate more – because life is too short to complain or worry so much.