Sunday in the park

It was one of those lazy Sundays. We hung out in the van this morning and waited for the sun to burn off the dew and warm everything up. Like yesterday we’re set to have some warmer weather today (22C | 72F) and even warmer over the next few days.

We did consider staying another night here as it’s really nice and quiet here but other than the power and the shower’s there is nothing we can’t do on our own. Since we’ve gotten the water and auxiliary battery working, life in the van has been pretty easy going. Even so, we could always have more electricity and showers.

The deciding factor though, was the hammock. Their rules do not allow anything to be tied to the trees. Which is unfortunate because you really can’t spend all day inside with weather like this. And since we don’t have any camp chairs the hammock IS our outdoor seating.

So, after a bit of brunch and a shower we packed up the van and headed on to the next town. During our drive, we hit the 80 000km mark on our young van.

We’ve headed further west today, setting ourselves up to see some manatees this week – I can’t wait!

Inverness to Homossassa Springs, FL

Today’s track:  27 kms | 17 miles
Tomorrow’s plan:  Enjoying some sunshine in a hammock!