Solar Splendour

Today was just beautiful – enough to break out the shorts for the first time. Not that I’m trying to rub it in to those up north who are experiencing an unusually cold winter. If it’s any consolation, we have not escaped the cold down here. Florida has also, by their standards, been really cold lately. We’ve spent several cold nights in the van to prove it.

This sunshine also gave us the first opportunity to bust out the solar panels that we’ve got on loan from a friend. Our lack of driving recently has meant that our battery has little chance to fully charge, and it was getting pretty low. After a few hours out in the sun, the solar panels had done a great job.

Our gauges indicated we were charging at around 1.5 amps at times, which is pretty impressive. We were able to move our battery’s voltage from 12.1V to around 12.8V all while we were charging our laptops.

We spent the day in the sun in a quiet little boat launch near the town of Ozello, in Crystal River Preserve State Park. It was really great to be able to maintain the peace by charging batteries with the suns rays instead of the generator or battery charger. We also got a bit of sun ourselves, and enjoyed bit of hammock time.

All that sunshine made me giddy!

But seriously, who can argue with an office like this?