Shower power

Even if it’s the most practical of things you seem to always learn something new. Take showering for instance – you think you know, but you’d be surprised how much you can learn about how to get a good shower.

When you’re on the road there are some really uncontrollable aspects of showers that you have to contend with (like ambient temperature, cleanliness etc.), but there are also things you can control. So, we have put together a little list to save you the pain.

1)  If it’s not a climate controlled bathroom (and it’s winter) pick the warmest part of the day, or slightly later. Most of the time the concrete buildings retain the cold from the night, so the afternoon is usually best. (This also doubles as one of the quieter times compared to the early morning rush)

2)  Wear flip flops – piece of mind, and not having to touch the ground are solid reasons for this.

3)  Check out all the shower heads before choosing – the last thing you want is crappy pressure or bi-directional spray.

Pro tip: if push button shower, push all buttons in stalls to determine which one runs the longest (it’s usually the handicap shower)

4)  Make sure to put all dry belongings as far on the opposite side of the shower stall as possible.  Even if you think it wont get wet, it somehow will.

5)  If you haven’t already turned on the water, do it sooner vs. later – sometimes it doesn’t get hot right away, or for a solid 5 minutes, or never  (it’s happened!).  It’s good to know these things before you strip down.

6)  If actually finish showering before you run out of hot water use a small light quick-drying towel – it packs down small and dries fast under the hand dryer. If you have a nice sunny day though, definitely opt for the plush towel.

If you don’t find yourself in the woods with running water, we’ve discovered there are other places to grab a shower.

These include, hotels (bribe the maid), recreation centres (especially YMCA), gyms (day pass), truck stops (Flying J/Pilot), the local pool, or you could outright beg a stranger if you’re desperate. Luckily, we haven’t had the need to try all of these yet.