With the colder weather for the next few nights we’ve decided to do a bit of “camping”, so we’ve left DeLand and headed in to the Ocala National Forest for a the weekend. The only caviet is we will be without power for a few days. So before we arrived to Ocala, we stopped at one other place. The online reviews said it was a great place to stay with friendly staff.  We even called ahead and got pricing. They charge $28 per night.  Which is a little more than we wanted to spend but if they are as good as they reviews say, we could happily spend the night, grab a shower, run a heater and get all the electronics charged again.

When we arrived, there were gates and key codes – it was quite elaborate.  A nice lady and gentleman came out to ask what we needed and when we asked about staying the night. She rapidly went into a story about how they don’t accept people unless they’re “self-sufficient”.  What does that even mean? According to them, they don’t have showers/washrooms available for guests, so you would have to be able to have that stuff on board. And you call yourself an RV park? Nevertheless they were all polite about it, and apologetic, but I think the real story had something to do with out age.  As we drove by the sign at the front said “A 55+ community” – not really identified as such on the website, but ok. I guess we’ve had our first taste of age discrimination.

No harm done. We just continued on to the national forest towards Lake Dorr. Since it’s the recreation centre there are washroom and shower facilities available. They don’t have power, but we do have a generator so we should be able to manage. The best part, it’s also incredibly inexpensive (by Florida’s standards) – $12 per night for access to the lake, a quite campground, washrooms, and no one trying to kick you out – I’d say that’s a fair deal.

We may be young, but we’re simple creatures. A shower, some food cooked over an open flame, and maybe some hammock time and it will be a good weekend.