There was another opportunity for us to go to the turkey shoot this Saturday with our family, so I seized it.  Andrew wasn’t feeling the greatest so he opted to stay home and enjoy the fire.  A good thing too, because tonight was much colder than last week. So cold, I was finding myself shaking and shivering when it was my turn. Something, I’ve discovered, which tampers heavily with your accuracy and aim.

Nevertheless, we all had a great time shooting. By the end of the night, I was hugging the tower of rims that housed a vertical fire, just to stay warm enough to be able to shoot half decently. I still tried out many of the same shotguns as last time, with worse results.  Imagine how far off a fraction of a hair can land you when the barrel is 55 inches long. As the night progressed they started allowing you to shoot free-hand and if you did so you were allowed a few feet advantage.  I gave this a try with the 30″ barrel – the lightest one possible.

It was our very last round – we planned on packing up after this and heading home. Almost like deja vu, the last round of the night, it came down to deciding between me and another target. With a little luck though, I won!

It was a great feeling – I have conquered the turkey shoot! (my first time free-hand no less).  Maybe we’ll try skeet shooting next?

I ended up winning some fresh bacon from the butcher and 12 dollars for my efforts. All in a days work.