Golf Cart City

A community filled with golf carts – can you imagine it?

Andrew and I happened to stumble on one today in a town of retirees called Lady Lake. It was surreal.

Working in harmony with the cars were all these golf carts. The licensed, gas powered versions are allowed on more main streets. Rarely carrying actual golf clubs, they weren’t always driving on the road.

Much of the time we saw them zipping around in the networks of golf cart only roads which ran alongside the main road and just behind grocery and department stores.

What I got the biggest kick out of, is the customizations. Big rims, side flaps, names on them, body kits – you name it.

Up the road you can get your very own customized cart at the dealership.  Cost is only about $16-19K depending on what you like.

Which didn’t stop these guys from considering it..  It seems that retirement might be quite good these days.

Though, when you have a town all set up for these things, it could be quite economical to get around. Once you get over the initial price, these things apparently get about 40 miles per gallon, or better.

The one thing I can’t get over, is how much they resemble these kids toys: