From Peaches to Oranges

Today we left the family and continued on our journey.  We really had a brilliant time while we were there and did not deserve all the special treatment we received. Unfortunately though, the one thing that was missing for much of our time there was warm weather. We were constantly told the weather was unseasonably.  Judging by the whole of North America, it seems to be part of a mini epidemic of frigid temps that are sweeping through. Everyone has temperatures a solid 20 degrees lower than seasonal. This leaves us at temps of 40-50F (4-10C) on average. So for that reason we’re more than ready ready to head south today, and just in time too, because a big storm is forecast to sweep through Georgia.

So we’ve left the Georgia Peaches and headed for the Florida Oranges in hopes that we’ll find some sunshine along the way.


A: Savannah, Georgia
B: Daytona Beach, Florida

Today’s track – 235 miles | 380 kms
Tomorrow’s plan – See a bit of Daytona