Fresh food?

Yesterday we left the town of Ocala for a smaller one called Inverness. We wanted to test out the battery charging on a longer distance trip. It seemed to do pretty well but it wasn’t a full charge – we would likely need a solid 2-3 hours of driving for that.

When we arrived in Inverness, we found that there is not all that much to this little town. So we headed to the nearby Ruby Tuesday to get a bite to eat and some work done with their free wifi. We strolled in with our laptops and promptly found out that even though they offer wifi, they don’t offer any power for your laptops. This is quite curious. I do understand that their set up is more of a sit down type restaurant than a Panera for example. But to me this is an example of good idea (i.e. wifi) with bad execution (i.e. not a atmosphere for laptops).

That aside, we decided to try some lunch. We were interested to know how true they were to their slogan: “Simple fresh American dining”. Again, a good idea that was poorly executed. Aside from the ‘salmon’ burger, which I wouldn’t recommend – it seems as though their salad bar it is mostly composed of canned foods, such as canned chick peas or beets. Even the mushrooms looked like the pre-cut ones you get in the store. It just didn’t inspire the feeling of “fresh” that we were hoping for, which is unfortunate.

On a local message board though, we found an example of fresh food that you just can’t argue with.

Ocala to Inverness, FL

Today’s track – 50kms | 30 miles
Tomorrow’s plan – head for a campsite & make our own fresh meal