Elusive water tank

Last night we left Mount Dora after the sun had set in order to find somewhere to spend the night. Ideally we wanted a place with a shower and maybe some power.

We found a Wal-Mart instead, which ended up being another one of those “No Overnight Parking” deals, so we pressed on a bit.  We found Lake Griffin State Park but unfortunately their gates where shut – since sunset…  We ended up sitting in the parks driveway for 10 minutes while checking out the map and evaluating our options.  Out of nowhere, a car drove up and rolled down his window.  It seems our loitering alerted the night manager. We expected to get in trouble but instead he was kind enough to actually let us in to stay for the night.

Needless to say we’re camping again today.  Which is nice because we get a chance to work a little more on the water system, which has been on hold because we didn’t have the right water tank.

We had previously seen this tall thin tank back in Canada, but since we were so far off of completing the job we thought we could grab it on our way. When we started to look for it again in Georgia, we found that no Wal-Mart really stocked this awkward size. Go figure!  After many, many, visits in different towns we finally found the right one in little ol’ Mount Dora. The tank itself is labelled “Made in Canada” which might be why we’ve had such a hard time tracking it down.

The tank only needed a few small modifications to be able to work with the pump that Andrew installed (under our counter top) back in Savannah.