Cows don’t like lettuce

Today we ended up in a sleepy but sweet old town of DeLand, just north of Orlando. It seems that several of the streets in this town are of states, eg. Michigan, New York, Wisconsin etc.  While we were here we went to a local coffee shop for the morning to get some work done. In the afternoon we headed off to Deleon Springs based on the advice of a local.

So off we went, down the road about 8 miles and ended up at the State Park with the springs. Unfortunately nothing much was open. When they’re in full swing they offer boat rides, canoe rentals and a restaurant where you can make your own pancakes on your table. Honestly though, we didn’t care much, we just wanted to see what the springs were all about.

There is evidence that this same spring was once settled by Native Americans nearly 6000 years ago and is said to have rejuvenating properties. The spring itself sits at 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22C)  all year round. That sounds kinda warm right? We went and dipped our toes in and decided we would brave a short swim.

It certainly wasn’t a hot spring but it wasn’t freezing either. The sun, although fading rapidly at 4 in the afternoon, did help to warm things up. The people walking around the springs in jackets likely thought we’d gone mad.

Either way, day 2 in Florida and we went swimming. I’d say we’re doing something right.

On our way back out we met some very friendly cows.  There wasn’t much grass around so we tried to feed them lettuce, which they promptly spat back out.
Fun fact: cows don’t like lettuce*.

*Of course this conclusion was arrived at in a scientific manner; a sample size of 8 cows was used and each cow was offered the lettuce two times. There was one outlier – A cow did accept lettuce on both occasions however her dominant pen mates ensured she did not get to the front of the line for me to give the remainder of the lettuce at the conclusion of the study. I would argue that this anomaly might indicate she was just hungry as her getting pushed out of the way for food is likely a regular occurrence.

Please forgive me for this nerdy tangent but I am a scientist at heart.