Cartoons and Coffee

Today we intended on exploring Mount Dora – a town which seems like it would be perfect place to wander around, with lots of shops and a waterfront area. However, the weather didn’t really want to cooperate – it was warm but we had some pretty heavy rains at times. So we hunkered down in a Mount Dora Coffee House today.

We pretty much had the place to ourselves because of the rain.  The owners, Eric and Rachael, were really kind, and were happy to let us sit and sip on some tea and nibble on some chili soup and baked goods (pineapple coconut muffin and rosemary cookie) while we charged our laptops and got some work done.

Since today was a holiday, thier kids were also hanging out in the shop with a day off school. Some tea, baked goods, and some cartoons on the tv, and you have what feels like a cozy Saturday.