The Real Ruby Falls

Today we set out to do a tour of Ruby Falls, though I must say after the tour at Jack Daniel Distillery, the bar was set pretty high. Perhaps too high. Unfortunately I wasn’t all that impressed. In my opinion, the tour was a bit tacky and overpriced and the tour guide is set to rush you through the whole place. The waterfall itself is really spectacular – at 145 feet, it is the tallest underground waterfall in the USA. However, the way it was ‘presented’ left little to the imagination, with tv’s, speakers, multi-coloured lights and wires running throughout the cave in plain sight. I knew before hand this would not be a spelunking expedition, but even with that in mind it was incredibly commercial.

Here are a few shots to show the ruby falls cave:

Out of the many signs in this cave, the best and my favorite sign was the one our tour guide stopped in front of as he concluded the tour.

This was one of two identical signs; the same was at the top of the elevator where our guide said good bye to everyone as he shook our hand. Not that it’s the guide’s fault for the signs being there but they can choose to not stop you in front of them – which I would respect them for more.

Back in the van, and we were ready for some more driving south. Being right at the border of Tennessee and Georgia, it didn’t take long before we were near Atlanta where we stopped for the night.

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Today’s track: 170 kms | 105 miles
Tomorrow’s plan: grab a shower and get some laundry done