Snowless Birthday

It’s not often I get snow on my birthday but if we were back in Canada we would definately be feeling it.  Today however was the first day, since arriving, that we’ve actually seen the sun come out with a bit of good weather.  Sunshine. What more could you ask for on your birthday?

Like Andrew’s birthday we have skipped the presents and just decided to make an experience of the day.  My day started off with some girl time at the Spa with my aunt.  In the meantime Andrew was off making our van a little more watertight as the previous days of rain have revealed we still have some minor leaks to attend to.

For the evening we headed into downtown Savannah. We had a great meal in a small little local place playing live music. (As a side note, and for your information, visiting a dimly lit bathroom with black porcelain toilets is a rather an odd experience).  Nevertheless, we enjoyed ourselves and grabbed a bit of dessert before heading out to explore.

After a stroll through town we ended the night on River Street checking out the sky, watching the boats, and just being silly.

On our way back we even got the treat of seeing a christmas tree-car with lights flashing to his music.

All in all it was a rather great way to celebrate a birthday.