Not fitting in..

Today we set out to tour Nashville starting with a visit to the Hard Rock Cafe. It was recommended to us but really we didn’t see how different it was from any other Hard Rock. Leaving quickly we walked along Broadway Street stopping at interesting stores and sights along the way.

We also dropped into Coyote Ugly. it happened to be ‘happy hour’, though we were the only ones in the bar.

We ventured off to visit the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. This place was intense – I would bet that some visitors never end up leaving the bounds of the hotel. Within the 9 acre palace the motto seems to be bigger is better. There is just area after area filled with restaurants, greenery, water falls, and all fully decorated for christmas in spectacular scale.  In several of these areas the balcony’s from each room backed out onto these indoor gardens – costing a small fortune per room no doubt.

As we were walking through I just had to laugh and think, seriously? We live in a van which could easily be parked three hundred times over in this hall alone.

We continued on to find the outside decorations, which had lights covering anything that wasn’t other than grass and water!

After all that we had built up quite an appetite. We called Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack and placed an order for take out so it would just about ready when we got there. Which by the way was well worth it, the chicken was pretty good, spicy as hell and fairly greasy but something to try once.

When we arrived I was amused at the reactions we were getting. No one approached us but the looks were priceless.  Not only were we showing up in a big orange van but we were no longer in the sprawls of the Opryland, quite the opposite in fact. If I were to guess what some people were thinking I’m sure it would have included: “how the hell did they hear about this place?”.

It seems that wherever we’ve been today we’re just not really quite fitting in – but I like that.  

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A: Nashville, Tennessee
B: Lynchburg, Tennessee

Today’s track – 122 kms | 75 miles
Tomorrow’s plan – Visiting Jack Daniel’s Distillery