Goodbye old year

To round out the last day of the year we headed out to see a bit of Savannah. To get the full experience, we decided to do the hop-on hop-off trolly tour as a way to learn about this historic city. Luckily the weather was absolutely brilliant today.

And of course Savannah is quite photogenic.  Between the buildings architecture and the charm of the squares and streets – its the kind of place you feel good about when you visit.

We also popped into the Cathedral of St. John just after Mass was over – it was very pretty. Originally bult in the 1700’s and re-built in 1874 after a fire, it has recently been extensively restored. In case you wondered – this is what 11 million dollars looks like.

Back in the days before modern pavement they used oyster shells to make roads. A method which supposedly makes this road stronger than concrete.

All around the city you see this moss covering the trees.  Its called Spanish Moss but oddly its neither spanish nor a moss. In any case, love how this particular tree had barely any leaves holding on but the Spanish Moss was just engulfing it.

We also made a stop down River Street – where the daiquiris flow like slushies at a 7-Eleven.

Shortly after getting back it was just about time to start the New Year’s festivities. For dinner: A big pot of chili cooked all day over an open flame (YUM!). For the entertainment: a marathon fireworks show.

Quite the way to end the year – and what a year it has been.