Cold Mountain

Since we’ve crossed the border we don’t have the internet or a phone that we need to be able to do our work. As a result we’ve been spending a lot of time in Starbucks enjoying their free wifi. If you know us, this is completely ironic because neither of us really enjoy coffee all that much. Though, the more we visit, and of course buy something every-time, the more we’re lead down a dangerous path of trying some of the (wimpier) flavoured coffees that they offer. Sometimes it’s out of necessity as we’re driving late and need a bit of caffeine. Though, when we order it for no specific reason, like this morning, you start to wonder if  we might actually like this stuff? The Starbucks we visited this morning was a serendipitous find – it was located right on the edge of a lake above a music school. Just a great place to spend a morning hanging out and have a coffee and getting some work done..

After a bit of a late lunch we wanted to get out for a hike up Stone Mountain, outside of Atlanta. Unfortunately it was very cold. With the heavy winds at the top, I’d say it was almost as cold as last night. According to the weather man this is not the last of the cold weather, but I really hope they’re wrong. We’d hoped for t-shirts and sandals by now, not hats and mitts.

Getting to the top wasn’t too bad, the view was pretty awesome.  If you look really close at the photos you can even see the buildings of Atlanta skyline.

After we got down from the ‘mountain’ we took a stroll in their winter lights display and grabbed some soup to warm up a bit.

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Today’s track – 45 kms | 30 miles
Tomorrow’s plan – See a bit more of downtown Atlanta and keep heading south