Christmas done different

Christmas this year was different for both of us. It is the first year either of us will not be seeing our parents for the holidays.  It is also the first year we decided no gifts, and meant it. Just like each of our birthdays, the feeling is we pretty much have whatever we need, and anything we do get we have to find a place for in the van. And space is limited.

Before leaving on this trip, we spent a lot of time getting rid of material possessions and things we didn’t use.  Much of which was likely accumulated during this holiday. So we’re trying to start fresh, with less clutter and more meaningful experiences.

Even though we’re away from home we are lucky enough to get to still get to spend this time with family.  We spent our day playing games and relaxing by the fire. For the record, Wii Pictionary (uDraw) is definitely a good time.